11th Frame

Tigers win the World Series

While the Detroit Tigers did not make it to the Fall Classic, at Al-Mar Lanes on Sunday at the World Series of Basebowl, the Tigers emerged victorious and the three team member each won $100 for their efforts.

The winning team was composed of Shad King, Brad Simon and Kyle Waynick Brian Close was Close behind with a 222.22 average for his nine games. Because of the format, different teams bowled different numbers of games.

Simon led all bowlers with a 222.77 average for the 12 games he bowled in the event.

The Twins took second place as they shared  $150. Team members were Jay Samelak, Butch Naugle and Ron Steinman. Steinman averaged 217.46 for his 12 games just behind Paul Overhulse’s average of 217.57 for his seven games.

Third place went to Chihuahuas comprised of Yogi and Bill Wammes and Tony Wright they shared $90.

Pancha Melendrez averaged the best for the women with her 201.56 average for nine games.

Mary Ann Dimick had the high game for the women with her 279, Pancha Melendrez averaged better than 201 and had a high game of 265 in her nine games. Dimick averaged 199.44 and Yogi Wammes was third high in women’s averaging 195.45.

Three men tied with Dimick at 279 for the highest men’s games. Those were rolled by Kyle Waynick, Overhulse and Close.



Bowling 4 Boobs is this Sunday at 11 a.m. at Al-Mar. It’s $25 per bowlers with proceeds going to Breast Cancer charities, including the Susan G. Komen Federation.

The City Tournament kicks off on Nov. 12 with the opening Squad of Champions in the team event. After the initial squad, the tournament’s team event runs through Nov. 22 with squads during leagues and other times. Check at Al-mar for any openings. Singles and Doubles will run Dec. 1-10.

In the Leagues

Three of the leagues will be entering the first third position night this week, as many teams are mathematically alive to win the third and thus guaranteed to fight for the league championship at the end of the year.

The closest in both divisions can be found in the East division of the  Eagles League where Gerdeman Insurance at 45-18 will face Rosenboom just one point back at 44-19. IIf those teams split Ryan’s Steak House could go around both as their record is 42-23l Ryan’s will face Frisch’s Bib Boy at 40-23.

The that league’s West Division, Naugle at 33-30 will face Pendleton and Sons at 20 ½-32 ½,

The rest of the league will have to wait until the next third.

Michael Wachter had the high individual scores last week with 258 for 718

Moving to the American League Al Smith Chrysler has locked the first third championship in the West division at 48-15. Their nearest challengers are more than two weeks back at 31-32, However, the East division is still a race as ASD I Remodeling has a 3-point lead at 44-10 over Or’s Sunoco at 31-22.

Last week’s high series was bowled by Adam Dilsaver with a consistent set of 740 powered by a high game of 268. Eric Slater had the league hjigh game of 278; while Mickey High knocked down 269 pins in his 719 set. Bill Schumacher totaled 705 with his 275 game. Chris DeLuca R. also totaled 705.

In the Elks League Mills Jewelry has a comfortable lead for the first third title in the  East at 152-191. Effin-A at 137-106. With 27 points on the night at they enter the position round with a 25-point lead. However in the West Division it is up for grabs ast JLS at 132 ½-110 ½ will face Nine balls just 2 points back. Bob Lee Insurance could mathematically be in as they are at 127-11g in the standings.

The husband and wife duo last week of Bill and Yogi Wammes led the league last week, he with a 665 and she a 618. Doug Trumbull had the high men’s game at 269; while Andrea Blasius had thigh game for the ladies at 222.

The Wammes team leads the ASD I Remodeling Tour Trials at 39-21 followed closely by Abrowski and VanDeVelde, both at 37-23. Kyle Waynick, 6o9 and Chris Bagrowski, 608 were high last week in the trials which feature demanding oil pattern league.

The Ladies Major League is led by Marsh & Marsh at 44-12 in Division 1 and Groom Room in a tie with Colonial Barbers  at 30-26 each. Ruck and Wright Law office is a point back at 29-27

Pancha Melendrez rolled a 257 game in her 667 to pace the league. Sue Buchman shot 227 and both Mary Ann Dimick and Yogi Wammes, each bowled a 222 game.

Team 2 leads the VTech 2nd Shifters at 15-6 followed closely by Team Hype Guys at 14-7 and Team 7 and Mario Punch, both at 12-9 High for the men was Steven Majewski with 202 and 548 while Leigh Hasselbart led the ladies at 128 fir 360.

The 4-game Randy Miller Memorial doubles League is led by Mitchell-Otte at 1031/2-76 ½ followed by Crusa-Miller at 101-79.

Kris Kolk led the league with 879 while Gene Van De Velde had the high game of 265.

Teams 9, 8, 3 and 10 are all very close in the Tuesday Coffee Leauge, Respectively they have 22 wins, 21 and 20, each. Rachel London was high last week with 197 for 335 2-game total.

In the youth leagues, The Buckeyes are on top at 39-17 in the Rally Junior All Stars, with Al Mar Barbies in second at 34-22.

Conner Main led the boys with 113 and 321 followed by Easton Duncan with his 82 for 237. Kyleigh Leu was high for the girls with 98 and 258 Adylynn Babcock was next with a 190 series; while Madysyn Duncan had a 73 game.

Team 5 leads the Bobcat 2 a Days at 41-15 followed by Team d and Pin Shakers, each at 34-22.

Avery Latta had the high series at 587 with a 227 game; While James Alfaro had the high game of 232 for 551. For the girls Linda Alfaro rose to