Mickey Higham’s “On the Ball”  10.30.17

Balance is the key to consistent good bowling.

I have often been asked what is the one thing I can work on to bowl better and I’ve always answered the same , BALANCE.

When you break down the game of bowling, we find 2 things we try to do in each shot, accuracy, and action, Hit your target, hit the pocket, and then add enough action to knock down the pins.

Balance is key to accuracy, if your finish position is off balance it will effect accuracy and at the same time reduce leverage at the release which reduces action. The pros will try to (post a shot) maintaining the finish position until the ball hits the pins.

Check your finish position, your slide foot at release should point to your target and your knee and head are behind your foot, if you bend to much at the waist leverage and balance will be effected.

Balance also has other forms such as to much speed or to little, to much hand action at the release or to little. If you improve your balance in all forms you will see an improvement.