11th Frame

11th Frame



More than $1,000 raised for breast cancer

Three leagues crown 1st third champions

On Sunday more than 30 bowlers arrived at Al-Mar Lanes for the annual Bowling for Boobs charity bowling tournament.

In addition to a portion of the entry fees, there was a 50-50 raffle and silent auction held all for the benefit of donations to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer charity. Official numbers  were still being compiled but proprietor Bill Wammes said it was easily more than one thousand dollars that will be donated to the cause.

Though no prize money was awarded, Chuck Close did win a T-shirt for his first place win with a 960 three game total with handicap. The event used no-tap scoring where 9 pins on the first ball counts as a strike. Close began and finished with 300 games with a 264 sandwiched between. His handicap accounted for the remainder of the total.

Jeremy Baker rolled a 298 high game in his 912 total which placed him second and Sandy Naugle had a 276 high game in her 885 total for third place.


Surviving the Game

Catching up on the last three weeks of those eliminated in the season-long Surviving the Game where the bowlers who shoot the most under average each week are eliminated. Those eliminated in Week 2, listed with league and pins under average were Mike Fritz, Elks, 120; Pancha Melendrez, Ladies Major, 114;  Chris DeLuca, American, 111; and Patsy Lambert, Ladies Major, 94.

Those eliminated in Week 3 were Diane Swisher, Ladies Major, 104; Samantha Wiley, Elks , 88; Richard Muray, Eagles, 84; and Bill Schumacher, Eagles, 77. Those eliminated last week (Week 4) were mostly from the American League including Ralph Duchacek, 126;  Lucas Jenne, 124 and Jay Samelak, 112; along with Jeremy Crawford from the Eagles at 102.


 In the Leagues

Both Mills Jewelry and Nine Balls won the first third championship of their respective divisions on Tuesday in the Elks League and have thus guaranteed their spot in the League championship playoff at the end of the season.

Gary Wachter led the league last week with his 717 series. Mike Leese had the league high game with his 279 for a 695. Terry Leek had a 268 and Dean Bressler, 266. For the women Yogi Wammes was high with her 211 and 600 Celia Johnson-Aldrich shot a 182 and Mallory Fritz cracked 500 with her 504.

On Wednesday ASD Remodeling Inc. and Al Smith Chrysler won their divisions for the first third of the season and also punched their tickets to the league championship finals of the American League.

Kurt Wood led the league narrowly missing a perfect game leaving a 9-pin on his final ball for a 299 and finished with a 767 series. Sid Sink shot, 724 including  a 253 game; Ruben Serrato bowled (255) 715 and Paul Overhulse knocked down 703 pins. Other high games included Kyle Waynick and Adam Dilsaver, each with a 269.

In Thursday’s Eagles League,    Rosenboom edged two teams by one game and Pendleton and Sons squeaked out a ½ point advantage over second place to claim the first guaranteed spots in the year-ending playoffs by winning the first third in the two divisions.

Jay Samelak led the night with his 257 and 720. Dick Feehan had the high game of 260 and Bob Boltz shot 259. Ryan Allgire missed his 700 by just six pins at 594.

In the Ladies Major league, Marsh and Marsh secured its first third championship despite having one more week to go; while the Groom Room is in a 3-way battle after the ninth week.

Mary Ann Dimick led the bowlers with her216 and586 set. Pancha Melendrez shot 579 with a 215 game; while Yogi Wammes had a 216 high game as she totaled 562.

In the mixed leagues Stoudinger-Glick has a 7-point lead in the Mixed Up Guys and Gals league on Saturday at 29-6 over Chill Factor’s 22-13.

Roger Pierstorff led the league Saturday with his 232 for 674. Josh Crawford had the high game of 279 in his 653 set. For the women, Cindy St. Peter was high with 518 and Abby Lane shot 512. Lori Hutton had the high game of 189.

A-Split Happens leads the Jack & Jill league at 31-4, followed by St. Peter-Franks at 26-9 and We’re Broken at 24-11.

Bill Wammes led the league with his 254 high for 749 and Kirk Starkey was close behind with the league session high game of 279 for 732. Robin Starkey led the women with her 613, including a 223 high game. Nancy Campbell had the high game of 254 to boost her series to 571.

Kirk and Robin Starkey lead the average list for both genders with 221.13 and 186.47, respectively.

In the four-game Randy Miller league on Thursdays Crusa-Miller are on top at 117 ½-82 ½. Kolk-Wammes are in second at 110-90.

Kris Kolk led all bowlers with his 925 total including a 244 high game.  Jeff Sayre had a 910 and the high game of the night at 266.

In the V-Tech 2nd Shifters league, Team Hype Guys lead at 19-9 followed closely by team 7 and 2, cah at 17-11.

Wes Wint was high with his 203 and 584. Leigh Hesslbacrt led the women with 138 and 354.

The Fantasy Doubles league is led by North-Melendrez at 44-15, followed by Steinman-Sanchez at 41-19. Wammes and Wammes are third at 40-20.


Youth leagues

Turning to the youth leagues, Team 5 continues to lead the Bobcat 2 a Days at 18-15 followed by Team 3 at 41-22.

Brandon Knell led the league with his 248 and 664. James Alfaro bowled 183 for 510. For the girls Destiny Garner led with her 199 and 485. Jena Kirian shot 172, 445.

The Buckeyes lead the Rally’s Junior All Stars at 42-21, with Team 2 in second at 35-28.

Conner Main led the league with 131, 346. Al Bucher bowled a 310 set with Benito Baldonado rolling a 124 game. For the girls, Kyleigh Leu led with her 85 game and 200 series.


Reminders and upcoming events

Sunday kicks off the annual City Tournament with the team event’s Squad of Champions. Each team consists of at least one member who is a former city tournament champion title holder. The tournament will continue all next week with evening squads and more as arranged with Al-Mar. The singles and doubles will be held the first week of December.

The annual Thanksgiving no tap is Thanksgiving night at 7:30 p.m. The no-tap event costs $25 to enter.

There will be a Michigan-Ohio State party, or should that be Ohio State-Michigan party during the game on Nov. 25. Contact Al-Mar for details.

The annual Dean Moosman Scholarship Tourney will be held at 11 a.m. on Nov. 26. Breakfast will be served at 10 a.m. Teams will travel from around Northwest Ohio to compete for their own prize money in the 5-person scratch event. The top teams will also name youth bowlers in their area to receive scholarship money.


In the pros

  • PBA has unveiled 16 new lane oiling patterns for the season including variations and new ones.
  • The PWBA has crowned Liz Johnson of Deerfield, Illinois and the Player of the Year for the third consecutive year. Poland’s Daria Pajak was named the PWBA Rookie of the Year.
  • The PBA World Series of Bowling is beginning this week in Las Vegas.