Mickey Higham’s  “On the Ball” Pro Shop Notes

How are you bowling?

This is a question I have asked 1000 s of times over the years. Most of the time I’ll get a list of scores or negative and positive responses. What I really meant is are you bowling to your ability level , And what are you doing to raise that level. If you want to improve your bowling skills we can help.

Al-Mar lanes has a new teaching tool called the torch that uses a L E D light bar over your down lane break point to train your swing to stay in line with your target. It can also be used to improve spare shooting skills. More info www.kegel.net


A reference library of most of the books, video, and programs on bowling.

In the pro shop a list of all balls made since 2000 including all the performance specs.

A staff that includes at least 6 certified USBC coaches.

Numerous league and tournaments on PBA type patterns.

Let us know how we can help you with your game also.