Mickey Higham’s “On the Ball” Pro Shop Notes

It was a warm week and there were a lot of bowlers in the shop to open up their thumb holes. This happens most years at the start of the season. The ball they got in the winter is just too tight when it’s warm.

What was surprising was that some bowlers were not using tape in the thumb hole to adjust the fit. It is not uncommon for a bowlers hand and thumb to swell or shrink during 3 games of bowling. This could be because of temperature, hot or cold, intake of liquid or improper fit to start. If you’re struggling to get the ball off your hand, or dropping it often, tape could solve the problem.

In the early days of the PBA bowlers would carry a roll of Curity white tape and black electricians tape with a pair of scissors. That has evolved to bowlers tape formulated for the final fit for your grip. In addition there are also skin tapes that protect your hand and help with fit issues.

Stop by the shop and I’ll show you how tape could help you.

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