11th Frame


A strong focus on leagues this week.

The middle of winter is usually a fairly quiet time for special events in bowling, but Spring Madness at Al-Mar Lanes began this week with bowlers completing in a single-elimination bracket ala the NCAA basketball tournaments.
Bowlers in various leagues match their scores, usually over a two-week period with the winner of best of five games advancing. If one bowler wins the first three games of match, they can rest easy the second week.
Perhaps your average is lower than you would like, when the weather is so cold, it is warm inside the bowling centers so why not take the time to get in some practice or arrange for a lesson to sharpen your game. You won’t have the time nor the desire when it warms up.
Also for you singles out there, bowling is a non-threatening great date night. It’s something different to think about and get to know that special person you have a romantic interest in.

In the Leagues
** We’ll start this week with the most demanding lane conditions in the ASD I Remodeling Tour Trials league where you can find Bagrowski at the top of the standings at 79-41, Zamudio in second at 71 1/2-48 1/2 and VanDeVelde in third at 65-55.
Last week’s high series was rolled by Justin Moungie with his 616, the only 600 of the day. His high game was 218. Scott Kidd had 583 and Mickey Higham and Gary Aring each shot 559. Zamudio had a 221 game in his 559, Gary Aring had a 221 game.
** Shifting to the youth leagues Turkey Hunters are in first place at 33-9 in the Bobcat 2 a Days League. Pin Attackers are at 26-11 followed by Team 2 at 50% with a 21-21 record.
Linda Alfaro had the high league game and top series for the girls with her 223 game for 501.Avery Latta had a 203 high game and the 507 high league series of the week. Austin Bowen bowled a 163 and 435.

** The Buckeyes and Al-Mar Babies are tied atop the Rally’s Junior All Stars League as they kick off the final third of the season. Both teams are at 5-2.
Conner Main had a 348 for the high series of the week including a 119 game. Benito Baldonado was close behind with his 323 and Ayden Schroder had a 315. Dakota Blasius had the high game of 136, Ayden Schroeder had a 120, For the girls Kyleigh Leu was high with her 115 for 293, Adylynn Babcock had a 197 series and Madisyn Duncan a 73 game.
** In the Fantasy Doubles league where regular league scores are used to compete with your teammate against two other bowlers from any league. Steinman-Sanchez are in first at 99-51 King-Dimick are in second at 93 1/2-56 1/2 and North-Melendrez are third at 93-57.
The Close-Trumbull duo had the high total last week at 1,378, followed closely by North-Melendrez at 1,373 and the league leaders at 1,362.
** Going back to the real leagues, Pancha Melendrez had an outstanding 276 game and 639 series to lead the Ladies Major League. Betty Jackson shot a 581 and Melissa DeSmith 541.Linda Caudill bowled a 212 game and Betty Jackson, 212.
Main & Sons and Marsh & Marsh are tied for first in Division 1 with matching 32-17 record. Easy Street Cafe is in first in Division 2 a
at 36-13, followed by Lucky Junction at 28-21.
** Team 8 leads the Tuesday Coffee League at 57-33, with Team 9 in second at 51-39, and Team 4 has a 48-42 record.
Marie Feehan had the high 2-game series of 326 including her 166 game. Mickey Kolva had the high game of 172 for a 316 total
** Heading into the final week of the 2nd third of the season the East division of the Elks League is tightly bunched with Wittkamp Insurance leading at 147-96, they are bowling against second place team, Wood County Insurance at 144-99. Waiting to pass both of them if they split the totals just right are Smith Machine & Welding at 140-103. There are 27 points available each week. so it is possible that any of those teams can win. In the West division. Rosenboom is almost a lock at 148-55 bowling against Nine Balls at 123 1/2-119 1/2. They would need a virtual sweep to win the third.
Last week’s high bowler was Gary Wachter with his 279 for 727. Lucas Jenne shot 257 for 680 and Juan Ybanes had a 243 for 647. Mallory Fritz was the high woman with her 583 and Sam Wiley 209, 561 and Dawn Poirier at 556. Bonnie Carrington had the high game at 225. Gail Wachter had a 211 game.
** Six teams are tied at 5-2 in the Farm League as they started the second half of the league last week. Bill Kale was the high bowler with his 257 game and 698 series.  Paul Klockowski shot 224 high in his 606 series, the only other 600 series last Thursday. Mark Wolford Sr. had a 571 series and Todd Walters a 223 game.
** In the Eagles League, American Family Insurance has locked up the second third victory in the East division at 47-16. Naugle has a narrow lead of two points at 40-23 heading into the final position round night in the second third in the West division. They are at 40-23 and will face Tin Man Heating and Cooling at 38-25. Close behind are Easy Street 37-26 who will be playing Pendleton and Sons at 36-27. It makes for what could be an exciting finish to the third.
Michael Wachter led the league with an excellent 290 game and 735 series. Pancha Melendrez had a 697 series and Ryan Spangenberg shot 680. Ron Steinman Jr. and Ken North each shot a 265 game.
** In the late night league Vehtek 2nd Shifters, 2 Pins, 1 Ball are in first at 1704, followed closely by Pocket Pounders at 16-5. Wes Wint was high last week with his 217 and 608 Ben Tussing shot 213 for 557. For the women Rachel Mack was high with her 128 for 364 and Leigh Hasselbart had a 358 series with a 123 game.
** Using the theory of saving the best for last, two leagues crowned their second third champions last week. In the American League ASD I Remodeling Inc and Jug’s South tied at 44-26. A one-game roll off is being scheduled to crown the East division winners. In the West Boys Nite Out secured its win with a 41-29 record edging Southgate Lanes by two points.
Chuck Close was the high bowler with his 289 for a 751 series. Brad Simon (269 game) and Brian Dimick each shot a 710 set and Mickey Higham was the fourth bowler to crack the 700 mark exactly at 700. Higham had a 279 game, Ron May 270, and Maryann Dimick shot a fine 267 game.
** In the Randy Miller Doubles, Henderson-VanDeVelde won the second third with a 132-68 record edging Kolk-Wammes by six points at 126-74.
Gene VanDeVelde helped the winning duo by leading the league with his 269 game and 4-game total of 951. Shaun Crusa totaled. 915. Jeff Sayre had a 258 game and 914 set, Bernie Schneider bowled a 255 game.