11th Frame

Dear Readers. This inadvertently did not get posted last week due to a computer error. It was accidentally deleted by the fingers attached to the computer in one’s brain.
These standings are thus outdated, and thus have been removed, but everything else is being posted now so you can see how people bowled a week prior. Apologies it was not intentional.

FootBowl of bowling filling quickly

Time is running out to get your entry for the eighth annual Al-Mar Lanes Foot Bowl championship. The event will be held Feb. 4 at 10 a.m. The trio tournament converts bowling scores to touchdowns, field goals, safeties and extra points. there are only openings for four more teams as of this being written. Cost is $30 per bowler and it uses a trio format.
See Al-Mar for details and a paid entry holds your reservation.
Surviving the game
The five bowlers eliminated in Week 12 of Surviving the Game were Daryl Ott of the American league bowling 70 pins under his average, Bob Lee, also of the the American league at -64; and three bowlers tied at 60 pins under Graham Cook and Marcia Seubert, both of the Elks League and Tony Romaker of the Eagles.

In the pros
Jason Belmonte easily wins the 2017 PBA Player of the Year award. Matt Sanders of Evansville Indiana took Rookie of the Year honors Chris Loscheter was voted the PBA Sportsmanship award winner.

In the leagues
Some of Al-Mar’s leagues are wrapping up the second third of the season this week with some exciting races to crown the champions of the second third.
• The American League’s East Division looked to have the most excitement this week as five teams had a mathematical chance of winning the title as only four points, separating those top five. There are seven points available each week, two points for each game win and one point for total. Read the report in the related column for the most recent bowling
Last week’s high series was rolled by Ron Steinman Jr. 2i5h his 279 and 771; Brad Simon had the high game of 289 in his 753 set. Kurt Wood shot a 267 for a 732 series; while both Jay Samelak and Brian Dimick totaled 720. Rod Roth also had a 279 game and Mickey Higham a 266.
• The Randy Miller League high scores were bowled by Jeff Sayre had the high series last week at 952 including a 276 game. Kyle Waynick totaled 890 and Kris Kolk shot 880. Todd Buehrer had the high game of 278.
Because of holidays and other scheduling the other leagues still have a week or more remaining in the third.In the Ladies Major League last week’s high scorer was Yogi Wammes with her 606 series including a high game of 222. Krissy Anderson had the high game of the night at 246 with a 604 series. Tresa Hiler had a 578 with her 219 game.
• In the Eagles League last week four bowlers bowled 670 or better, but none of them cracked a 700. Kris Kolk came the closest with his542 game and Brent Norris shot a 267 game. ‘

• In the Elks League Mallory Fritz led the women last week with her 256 game and 634 series, but was closely followed by Vicki Schumacher with her 222 for 624. For the men Brent Norris paced the league with his 263 game and 670 series. Billy Malik shot a 253 in his 665; and Vicki’s husband also did well recording a 256 for 663, Dave Horne had a 258 game.
• The Tuesday Coffee League has a close race atop the leaders. High last week was Cathy Lowry with 308 and Phyllis Morelan at 280. Susan Enright was close behind at 277 and Julie Thayer, 276. Thayer had the league high game of 164; while Enright shot a 158 high.
•In the Farm League last week Bill Kale had the high set with his 634 including a 232 game. Dean Schuerman had the high game of the night with his 252. Marcos Zmudio shot a 615 and Chris Wells a 612, Pancha Melendrez bowled a 608 with her 225 game. Josh Kieffer had a 234 game.
• In the Mixed Up Guys and Gals Leaguelast week Roger Pierstorff had the high series with his 666. Dave Dohanos had the high game of 255. Tony Iler shot a 254 game and Dennis St. Peter totaled 631. For the women, Heidi Haney was high at 540 and Ashley Iler was right behind at 539 and Lori Hutton another pin back at 538. Cindy St. Peter totaled 531. Iler had the high woman’s game of 241 and Hutton had a 200.
• For the Jack & Jill League last week’s high series was recorded by Billy Malik with his 680 including a 247 game. Gene VanDeVelde totaled 662 with a 248 game; and Todd Latta had the high game of 254. For the women, Robin Starkey paced the league with her 239 and 595 series. Melissa Malik shot a 202 game and 531 series.
• The VehTek 2nd Shifters league is led by Ben Tussing led the league with his 268 and 642 Bobby Roby had a 237 for 581 and Wes Wint bowled a 225 game in his 635. For the women Destiny Middlebrooks was the only one and she had a 125 game in her 356 series.
• And finally in the Fantasy Doubles League where any two bowlers from any league can combine their totals sees Steinman-Sanchez in first with a 67% success rate with a 90-45 record. King-Dimick is second at 87 1/2-47 1/2 while Melendrez-North are third just one point back at 86 1.2-48 1/2.
Last week’s totalsaw Henschen-Wood with the high game of 519 and King-Demick the high total of 1,360. The league leaders shot a 1,352 last week and Crusa-Wint totaled 1,335.