11th Frame


Al-Mar ready to host New Year’s Eve gatherings. Gene Van de Velde bowls a 300 game.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and apologies for being a bit late this week. The holiday activities took more time than planned, but finally here is this week’s column for you.

There’s an old song that asks, “What are you doing New Year’s … New Year’s Eve?” For those who are not sure, why not consider bowling. Al-Mar Lanes has a variety of options. Though you may have plans for where you will be when the ball drops, earlier in the day there is also a variety of options for getting a group together to have a holiday get-together.

Maybe it’s a group of friends or family in from out of town, or just some co-workers or Facebook friends looking for something to occupy the afternoon or early evening, spend an hour or two on the lanes and enjoy some WARM location to socialize on this cold wintery weekend. Call Al-Mar at 419-352-4637 for details and to reserve your lane or lanes for some fun times.


Next week we will highlight early results of the Bowling Green High School bowling teams. We will start with the Bobcats and may feature other local teams down the road.  The high school teams have started their season this year featuring a lot of new faces on both the boys and girls teams. Despite that both teams have looked good early.

In the leagues

  • Starting this week with the youth, Turkey Hunters lead the Bobcat 2 a Days with a 12-2 record, while Team 2 is in second at 8-6. Once again Avery Latta with a 197 league average led the league last week with a 197 and 541. Austin Bowen bowled a 439 and Tyler Bowen had a 174 game. Tyler’s effort gave him the high handicap game and series with his 258 and 638. Linda Alfaro led the girls with her 188 and 460. Jocelyn Zeller had a 124 high game with a 310 series.
  • The Buckeyes and Bowler Bears are tied for lead in the Rally’s Junior All Stars at 30-12. Conner Main was high again last week with his 123 game and 348 series. Easton Duncan had a 102 for 292. For the girls Madisyn Duncan was high with her 87 game and 219 series.
  • The late night bowlers in the VTech 2ndShifters league are led by Team 2, 48-22 and Team 7, 47-23, Globo Gym has a 40-23 record. Last week Ben T was high with a 239 game and 642 series, Wes Wint shot 215   for 605 and Bobby Ott had a 208 game, and Steven Majewski totaled 565. For the women, Leigh Hesselbart led with a 179 game and 446 series. Rachel Mack shot 142 high in her 378 series.
  • Teams 9, 8 and 6 are the top three teams in the Tuesday Coffee League with 45, 44 and 42 wins respectively. Cathy Lowry was high last week with 178 and 346 for her two games. Sally Amos had a 72 game and Marie Feehan a 300 total.
  • In the Farm League Heritage House has the lead at 36-33 followed by Schuerman Farms, 32-17 and My 3 Sons at 32-18. Bill Kale excelled last Thursday with his 269 and 627. Rick Rahe had a 217 for 609 and Don Bechstein had a 214 game, while Cody Bame shot 500 even. Interestingly, Kale, Bechstein and Bame are all board members on the Wood County Fair Board.
  • Jug’s South has the best record in the American League East division at 33-9. Thayer Ford-Nissan and BG’s Handy Man are tied for second at 26-16. In the West Boy’s Nite Out has a 9-point margin at 29-13 followed by Al Smith Chrysler and Southgate Lanes, tied at 20-22. Mickey Higham knocked down the most pins last week with his 289 game and 747 series. Adam Dilsaver shot a 257 game and Kyle Waynick, 256. Ron Steinman was second in series at 729 and Brad Simon shot a 716.
  • In the Eagles League American Family Insurance leads a very close battle in the East division at 27-8, one point ahead of Golden Care Partners, LLC at 26-9, with Frisch’s Big Boy another point back at 25-10. The West division is also close with Easy Street on top, oat 26-9, one point ahead of Tin Man Heating and Cooling  with a 25-10 record and Pendleton and Sons, two points back at 23-12. Ryan Allgire with a 258 game had the high series of 738, Bill Schumacher’s 268 gave him a 712. Mike Metzger had the high game of 276
  • Henderson VanDeVelde leads the Randy Miller Doubles league with an 84-36 record. Sayre-Sayre is second at 74-46 and Kolk-Wammes in third at 72-48. Gene Van De Velde shot a 300 game last week for a 952 4-game total. Jeff Sayre led the league at 1,014 including a 278 high game. Kris Kolk totaled 863 and Kyle Waynick 862.
  • Saving the ladies for last (you always save the best for last, right?) Marsh & Marsh leads Division 1 at 26-9, followed by Modern Woodmen at 24-11 and Main & Sons Plumbing, 22-13. In Division 2 East Street Café has a 24-11 record, just one point ahead of Or’s Sunoco at 23-12. Al-Mar Lanes and Lucky Junction are both at 19-16. Pancha Melendrez had a 225 high game in her 611 to pace the ladies. Christine Owen had a 214 and Mary Ann Dimick, 203; while Tricia Green shot a 566 series and Sandy Naugle a 559.

Surviving the Game

The five bowlers eliminated in the season-long series for Week 9 were Sue Bumpus, Ladies Major at -81; Dawn Scheele, Elks League with 81 pins under her average; Bobby Ott of the American League 58 pins under; Chris Owen, also Ladies Major at -52; and Gary Aring of the Elks league at -49.

To all who read this have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, if drinking don’t drive and always be careful on the roads at all times, but be especially watchful on the holiday. May your 2018 be strikingly good with a lot of joy and happiness to spare.