11th Frame (12.19.2017)

11th Frame  12.19.17


Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas to all the bowlers and family and friends of bowlers who read these columns.

With the holiday season upon us. Perhaps you are not interested in another bowl game on television, or your favorite college team is not going “bowl-ing” so why not take some time this holiday season and do some real bowling at your favorite bowling center.  Al-Mar Lanes will open bowling throughout the holiday season. The center will close at 5 p.m. Christmas Eve and will be closed all day on Christmas. Open bowling times at Al-Mar Lanes will be available on Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 11 a.m. to close on Friday night. On New Year’s Eve, there will be open bowling until 5 p.m., then open again for the annual New Year’s Eve party as bowlers ring in 2018 by knocking down pins along with knocking back their favorite alcoholic beverages. (Of course except tor the designated drivers.)

In the leagues

  • One of the closer competitions as leagues approach or begin the second half of the second third of the season can be found in the Eagles league’s East Division. As Golden Care Partners, LLC (21-7) has a one point lead over both American Family Insurance and Frisch’s Big Boy (20-8) each. In that league’s West Division, Easy Street has a full-week’s lead-plus at 26-2. Their nearest challenger Tin Man Heating and Cooling is eight points back at 18-10.

Roger Pierstorff led the league last week with his 706 series. Ken North had the high game of 289 for his 684 set; while Gary Aring had a 279 for 670 Pancha Melendrez and Zach Steinman each shot 668. Jeff Zuhlsdorf notched a 266 game.

  • In the American league, the Jug’s South team leads the East at 28-7, a full seven-game lead over Sundae Station, Modern Woodmen and BG’s Handy Man each  at 21-14. Boys Nite Out leads the West Division at 22-13, followed by Southgate Lanes at 20-15.

Shad “Shooter” King notched the high series last week with his 735 on the strength of a 267 game. Mike Kurfess knocked down 278 pins in one game for his 717 series; while Jake Wint totaled 710. Chris DeLuca Jr. had the high game of 279.

  • In the Elks League Wittkamp Insurance leads the East with 97.5-37.5, followed by Mills Jewelry at 80.5- 5.5. Out West, Rosenboom sits atop of the standings with an 80-55 record, leading Nine Balls at 74-61,

Mallory Fritz led the women last week with her 265 game and 683 series. Yogi Wammes shot a 537 set and Sam Wiley cracked a 200 game even. For the men, Kyle Waynick dominated the lanes with his 289 for a 764. Terry Leek had a 662 series and both Mike Leese and Randy Sarver had games of 246.

  • The Ladies Major League finds Marsh  & Marsh in first place in Division 1 at 24-4, followed by Modern Woodmen at 21-7. Division 2 leaders are Al-Mar Lanes and Easy Street Cafe tied at 19-9. Pancha Melendrez led the league with her 248 game for a 686 series. Yogi Wammes had a 225 for 619. Tricia Green had a 224 game in her 578 set. Melissa DeSmith had 215 for 554.
  • Buehrer-Schneider leads the Randy Miller league at 70-30, followed by Henderson-Van de Velde at 69-31, Third place is held by Sayre-Sayre with a 63-37 record.

Jeff Sayre paced all the bowlers with his four-game block of 947 including a 256 game :Lucas Jenne totaled 9334 with a 247 high game Gene Van de Velde had a 255 in his 874 total.

  • In the youth leagues Turkey Hunters are Bobcats Bull Better are tied in first with a 5-2 record in the Bobcat 2 a Days league.

Linda Alfaro led the girls with her 183 game and 454 series Jocelyn Zellers had a 100 game and 249 series. Leading the boys last Saturday was Avery Latta with a 170 game and 461 series. Jerrad Main had the high game of 171 for a 459 set.

For the Rally’s Junior All Stars, The Buckeyes are in first at 25-10. The Gutter Gang and Bowler Bears are tied for second at 23-12.

Conner Main shot the top total of 364 with a 123 high game. A.J. Bucher had the high game of 124; while Ayden Schroeder had a 307 total. For the girls Kyleigh Leu was high with her 94 game and 262 series. Madisyn Duncan shot a 76 high in her 192 total.

  • In the mixed leagues A-Split Happens is atop of the Jack and Jill standings at 44-12 followed by St. Peter-franks at 38-18.

Kirk Starkey led the league with his 279 game and 732 series. Billy Malik shot 664 and Gene Van de Velde 652. Steve Hoodlebrink had a 256 game. For the women, Nancy Campbell had a high game of 254 and totaled 571, but it was Robin Starkey with the top series of 641 with a 232 high game.

The Mixed Up Guys and Gals league sees Stoudinger-Glick in first at 39-17, followed by Chill Factor at 32-24 and Family Tradition with 30.5-25.5.

Kyle Friedley shot a 279 game and 664 series, followed closely by Doug Trumbull with his 268, 659. For the women, Heidi Haney had the top series at 529 and Gypsy Lee the high game of 196.

  • Heritage House leads the Farm League at 34-8. Kattle Logistics is second at 27-15 with Schuerman Farms at 25-17.

Last week’s top bowlers were Pancha Melendrez with her 269 game and 673 series. Paul Klockowski had a 236 for 633; while Bill Kale totaled 592 with a 236 game.

  • V-Tech 2nd Shifters is led by teams 2 and 7, each at 43-20.

Wes Wint was high with his 614 series; while Bobby Roby had the high game of 222. Destiny Middlebrooks was the only woman to bowl and she had a 117 game for a 307 series.

  • North-Melendrez and Steinman-Sanchez are tied in the Fantasy Doubles League at 80-40. Wammes-Wammes are third at 76.5-43.5.

King-Dimick had the high total last week with an excellent 1,405 total, averaging better than 700; while North-Melendrez had the high game of 515.

Surviving the Game eliminations

Those eliminated in Week 7 of the season-long inter-league promotion were Adam Dilsaver, American League, -74; Roy Naugle, Eagles, -72; Gene Van de Velde, American, -56; Nancy Hosley, Ladies Major, -54; and Nick Jenne, American, -49.

Those eliminated in Week 8 were Dave Otte, Randy Miller, -105; Roger Pierstorff, American, -90; Doug Trumbull, -72; John Wolff, Elks, -69; and Steve Seubert, Elks, -68.


In the pros

Professional bowling is on the air again for the season. In case you missed Sunday’s back-to-back shows, Liz Johnson, Palatine, Illinois, became the second woman to win a PBA national tournament title as she defeated Anthony Pepe of Elmhurst, N.Y., 220-206, in the title match of the PBA Chameleon Championship  at the National Bowling Stadium.

Johnson, a 25-time winner in Professional Women’s Bowling Association competition including 10 major titles and three consecutive PWBA Player of the Year honors, was forced to bowl against men when the former women’s pro tour ceased operations in 2003. Between 2004, when the PBA opened its membership to women for the first time, and 2015 when the PWBA was resurrected, Johnson won a PBA Regional title, and became the first woman to appear in a PBA national tour telecast in the 2004 Banquet Open in Wyoming, Mich., where she lost in the title match to Tommy Jones, 219-192. She also finished fourth in the 2014 PBA Cheetah Championship.

Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J., was the first woman to win a PBA Tour title, winning the 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas by defeating Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Texas, in the title match, 265-195.

“This is the cherry on top of my career,” the 43-year-old Buffalo, N.Y., area native said. “This win is for all of the young girls in any sport, not just bowling, who have to compete against the guys. This is for you.

“I never thought I’d have the opportunity again,” Johnson said. “You never know, bowling against the guys. Conditions haven’t been very conducive to my ‘A’ game the past couple of years, but I felt pretty confident coming into the show.

In the second telecast, Richie Teece of England won the Shark Championship with a 193-176 victory over Charlie Brown Jr. of Grandville, Mich., in a battle of first-time PBA Tour television finalists. Teece put the title away with back-to-back strikes in the ninth and 10 frames for his only double of the contest. This was also his first PBA national title.

ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Bowling package continues on Christmas Eve at 1 p.m. with back-to-back telecasts of the PBA Cheetah Championship and the PBA Scorpion Championship. World Series coverage continues on New Year’s Eve at 1 p.m. EST with the PBA World Championship finals.