11th Frame 3.13.18

11th Frame  03.13.18


Longtime bowler succumbs to final frame

Bob Kolva was crowned as the singles champion in the annual Bowling Green city tournament in December. He was recently presented with his championship shirt. Unfortunately, before he had a chance to wear it, he passed away on March 6 at the age of 72. He was a longtime Bowling Green league bowler and he will be missed as he has now bowled his final frame on Earth.

Reminders and other news: 

— Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day when Al-Mar Lanes will serve a Jiggs Dinner starting at 11 a.m. and will feature a “Pot O’Gold not tap bowling tournament that evening at 6 p.m.

— Youth bowlers can now sign up online for the annual Kids Bowl Free promotion at kidsbowlfree.com. Youth bowlers are allowed to bowl free throughout the summer months at participating centers including Al-Mar Lanes. Details online or at Al-Mar

— Baker bowling at bargain prices can earn your team $1,000. For only $10 per five-person team, teams can qualify to advance to the finals where first place is $1,000. Details at Al-Mar for bowlers to compete using the Baker format with all five bowlers bowling only two frames each per game. This is true team bowling. League bowlers can compete after their league session. Ask at the control counter. The qualifying runs from now until the end of the regular league season.

— Off to Columbus for state tournament. Good luck to several teams who are competing this coming weekend in the annual Ohio USBC tournament in the state capital.

Surviving the Game

Catching up on the most recent eliminations in Al-Mar’s season-long Surviving the Game competition where the bowlers who are most below their average are eliminated. The field has been narrowed and will very soon begin awarding cash prizes to the survivors as they are eliminated.

In week 17, those eliminated were from four different leagues: Jan Martini, Elks, 45 pins under average; Angie Iliff, Ladies Major, 44; Jake Wint, American, 41; Roger Pierstorff, Eagles, 40; and Dawn Coleman, Ladies Major, 34.

In week 18, it was all women who were eliminated: Pat Smith, Ladies Major, 57; Celia Johnson, Elks, 54; Crystal Buehrer, Ladies Major, 49; Darlene Mauk, Ladies Major, 34; and Becky Lee, Elks, 30.

In week 19, those eliminated were from either the Eagles or the Ladies Major leagues: Kris Kolk, Eagles, 120; Janet Yarger, LM, 46; Vera Stormer, LM, 44; Richard Koontz, E, 41; and Lindy Guyer, LM, 36.

In the leagues:

* The 16-week Fantasy Doubles league has concluded. The unique league features bowlers pairing up their scores from other leagues with a partner to compete against another duo from any other Al-Mar league.

Pancha Melendrez and Ken North won with a record of 152-88. The leaders for most of the season, Ron Steinman and Dave Sanchez fell to second with a record of 143-77. Husband and wife, Yogi and Bill Wammes finished third at 141 1/2-98 1/2. Completing the top five were DeLuca-Jenne with 141 wins and King-Dimick only 1/2 point back at 140 1/2 wins.

* Family Tradition leads the Mixed Up Guys and Gals league. Last week’s high scores were rolled by Tony Iler with 247, 641; Dennis St. Peter, 237, 610; Roger Pierstorff, 227, 609; Richard Koontz Jr. 607; and “Repete” Kolasinski Jr. 232. The women were led by Lori Crawford, 230, 569; Tricia Green, 209, 540; Tonia Bair, 193, 538; Heidi Haney, 533 and Brandy Boggs, 189.

* A Split Happens leads the Jack & Jill league. Last week’s top bowler was Gene Van De Velde with a fine 290 game for a 690 series; Kirk Starkey, 227, 663; and Dennis St. Peter, 225, 622. For the women, Robin Starkey bowled a 225, 593; Jamie Smith shot 196, 493; and Cindy St. Peter, 190, 487.

* Team 2 is atop the standings for the older youth in the Bobcat 2 a Days league. Avery Latta continues his hot bowling as once again he had the high day with his 246 for 630. Mark Kolczynsi shot 190, 525; Collin Fahey had a 466 set and Brandon Knell recorded a 201 game. For the girls, Kaitlyn Roeser bowled 143, 371 and Jocelyn Zellers totaled 278 with a 104 high game.

* The Buckeyes have a comfortable lead in the Rally’s Junior All Stars league for the younger kids. Conner Main had a 125, 354 t lead the boys Benito Baladonado bowled a 124, 313; Ayden Schroeder shot 308 and AJ Bucher had the high game of 127. For the girls, Kyleigh Leu led with her 98 for 253; Adylynn Babcock bowled 74, 199 and Keira Schroeder shot a 66, for a 144 series.

* The late-night bowlers in the Vehtek 2nd Shifters league are led by Team Hype Guys. Charles Beason had the high set of 586 with a 201 game; Bobby Roby had a 199, 507; Dylan Kearns also had a 199 for a 557; while Jake Wint had the high game of 236. For the women, Rachel Mack led with her 172, 405 and Leigh Hesselblart shot 144, 387.

* The Randy Miller doubles league is paced by Henderson-Van de Velde. Kris Kolk had the high 4-game set of 929 with a 258 game; Shaun Crusa bowled a 247, 916; Jeff Sayre, 236, 913; Todd Buehrer, 249, 857; Gene Van de Velde, totaled 855; and Kyle Waynick had the high game of 266.

* Flying high in the Eagles league are American Family Insurance and Gerdeman Insurance tied in the East division and Naugle is atop the west division. Ryan Spangenberg led last week with his 266, 731, he tied with Ken North who had the highest game with his 280 in the 731. Ron Steinman  had a 268 for 710. Michael Wachter had a 279 for 706.

* High in the standings down on the Farm league is Heritage House. Pancha Melendrez led all the bowlers with her 213 for 613. Bill Kale bowled 208, 578; Chris Wells had a 550 and Zach Welling 542. Marcos Zamudio bowled the high game of 222 and Jordan Engle recorded a 221.

* Al-Mar Pro Shop leads the East division in the American League with South River Mechanical atop the West standings. Highlighting the night was Wayne Welling who recorded his career high series at 748 including a 278 game including the first nine strikes. Kurt Wood had a 255, for 701. Nate Henschen shot 697 and Adam Dilsaver, 691. Gene Van de Velde had the high game with his 279 for a 680 set. Brad Simon bowled a 264 game and Anita Dilsaver and Mike Kurfess each had a 255 game.

* Wood County Insurance and Rosenboom are the divisional leader in the Elks League. Last week’s high scores featured Kyle Waynick with a 276 for 766. Dave Horine totaled 688, Jay Haas, 259, 652 and Lucas Jenne, 651. Jordan Franks bowled a 253 game. For the women Mallory Fritz paced the bowlers with her 226, 642; Same Wiley shot, 218, 553; and Vicki Schumacher, 180, 532. Andrea Blasius bowled 200, 492; and Dawn Scheele also had a 180 game.

* The division leaders in the Ladies Major League are Monty’s and Luckey Junction. Maryann Dimick sizzled last week with her 258 high game for a fine 715 series. Anita Dilsaver was the only other bowler to crack 600 as she had a consistent set with her 215 for 609. Yogi Wammes had 221, 589; Joyce Sarver, 220, 568; and Betty Jackson, 551. Gail Wachter recorded a 234 game.

* After all the other leagues, we’ll conclude this week’s column with some Coffee League results to wake up. The league is led by Team 4. High last week was Cathy Lowry 185, 360; Rosie Koontz, 201, 344; Julie Thayer, 169, 313; Juanita Huss, 310; Marie Feehan, 3o4; Linda  Damron, 167 and Marge Houchins, 163.