11th Frame  11.2.18

By Bill Ryan

This week another page on the calendar was turned and we are heading into the holiday season, which also means the weather will be turning colder and the bowling getting hotter.

And there is nothing hotter than the annual city tournament which kicks off Nov. 11 with the traditional kick-off with the Squad of Champions. The team event continues through Nov. 21. Doubles and singles take the spotlight in December. Contact Al-Mar for squad times and to reserve your spot in the tournament for your shot to earn the prestigious city tournament title.

Speaking of hot, get your hot pink ready for the annual Bowling for Boobs charitable event on Sunday. This fund-raising tournament supports Susan G. Komen breast cancer charity. Details at Al-Mar.

Speaking of holidays, get your turkeys on the lanes ready for the holiday associated with turkeys for the annual Thanksgiving no-tap tournament on Nov. 22. The event features a $25 entry fee and as always is held at 7 p.m. on the evening of Thanksgiving.

As a bonus as a preliminary event Al-Mar allows bowlers to win a free turkey by bowling a turkey. From Sunday through Nov. 17 any bowler who bowls three strikes in a row (turkey) will be entered into a drawing for a free edible turkey. One league bowler and one open bowler will win the bird. The winners will be posted on Nov. 18 on Al-Mar’s Facebook page.

In addition to the Doubles and Singles in December, the annual Dean Moosman Memorial Team Tournament presented by the Northwest Ohio Bowling Proprietors will be held Dec. 1 at 11 a.m. Breakfast will be served at 10 a.m. The winning team is guaranteed to win $1,000. The event also allows the champions to award scholarship money to youth bowlers.

Get your teams together and celebrate the upcoming season on the lanes.

Surviving the Game

The three bowlers eliminated in Week 3 are as follows: Cheyenne Kolczynski, Ladies Major league, -113; Craig Yarger, American, -79; and Bonnie Carrington, Ladies Major, -64.

League highlights for week ending Oct. 28:

  • ASD I Remodeling Tour Trials (Challenging lane conditions). Chris Bagrowski, 256, 697; Steven Kocher, 248, 696; Butch Naugle 674; Adam Dilsaver, 255.  Standings: Piekarzewski, 40.5-19.5; BGSU 2, Steinman, Dilsaver, Wammes and Bagrowski, all five tied at 33-27.
  • Randy Miller Doubles (Four games). Shaun Crusa, 261, 919; Kris Kolk, 248, 856; Joe Kolczynski, 852; Gene Van de Velde, 257. Standings: Kolk-Wammes,114-66; Crusa-Miller, 108-72; Kolczynski, 104.5-75.5.
  • Tuesday Coffee (Two games). Linda Meyer, 177,312; Linda Tebeau, 176, 312; Cathy Lowry 308; Sally Amos, 166. Standings: Team 7, 30-10; Team 26-14; Teams 3 and 11, both 15-15.
  • Ladies Major. Pancha Melendrez, 211, 540; Yogi Wammes 195, 530; Joyce Sarver, 498; Cheyenne Kolczynski, 200. Division leaders: Marsh & Marsh, 39-17; Groom Room, 43-13.
  • Rally’s Junior All Stars. Conner Main, 335; AJ Bucher, 131, 322; Benito Baldonado, 127; Girls: Kaitlyn Repasz, 77, 187; Adylynn Babcock, 62, 163. Standings: Strike Kings, 39-17; Need a Name, 38-18.
  • BG/Eastwood.  Incomplete individual scores provided. Standings: Team 1, 19-2; Teams4 &5 14-7 tied.
  • Tuesday All Stars. Adam Proulix, 279; Anthony Cicigoi, 277; Porter Dimick, 159; Benito Baldonado, 158; Girls:  Shyloh Adams, 156, 274; Tristan white, 260; Madisyn Hickman, 150. Standings: Team 16, 24-11; Team 6, 23-12.
  • Bobcat 2 a Days. Avery Latta232, 493; Colin Fahy, 476; Matt Crites, 189; Girls: Ali Fahy, 152, 404; Jena Kirian, 144, 357. Standings: Boys: Avery Latta 76; Lucas Lily, 68; Girls: Savanah Garner, 54; Zenaida Bautista, 52.
  • Fantasy Doubles. DeLuca-Jenne39-21; King-Dimick, 38-22; Dilsaver, 37-23.
  • Elks. Brent Norris, 244, 685; Bill Riffner, 246, 668; Women: Yogi Wammes, 163, 480; Violet Courtney, 467; Celia Johnson-Aldrich, 165. Division leaders: Foreman Construction, 165-78; Sweddy Balls, 133.5-109.5.
  • American. Kyle Waynick, 249, 735; Jay Samelak, 690; Kyle Friedley, 686; Eric Slater and Chris DeLuca Jr., both 257; Maryann Dimick, 256. Division leaders: ASD I Remodeling Inc., 44-19; Thayer Ford-Nissan, 40-23.