On the Ball

Pro Shop Insights by Mickey “Mr. 800” Higham

It’s the 3rd week of bowling for most leagues and the new lanes are producing some great scores and positive comments. The biggest difference for many bowlers is less hook, this will help with control but may cause less carry and lower scores. We have found that a more aggressive surface on bowlers balls has helped fix this.

All balls come from the factory with a surface preparation that matches the weight block, over time that surface changes with wear and oil absorption

If your ball is under performing stop by and talk with Bill or Mickey for a free equipment evaluation.

For those of you that are not familiar with Mickey, here is a brief list of his accomplishments in bowling (not totally up to date).  He was also on the National Hall of Fame Ballot a few years ago but unfortunately at the same time as Pete Weber and Mike Aulby so he just missed that honor.

Mickey Higham

Bowling Green, OH

Born; Chicago, Ill    March 15, 1947

ABC Tournament Accomplishments

1973 3rd Classic Team 690-3,019

1974 3rd Classic Team 673-3,034

1974 4th Classic All Events 2,066

1977 1st Singles Classic 801

1977 3rd Classic All Events 1,928

1990 4th Singles 778

1991 7th Doubles 727-1450

2001 17th (t) Singles 300-750

2002 All Events 1960

2003 23rd All Events 2073

44 Year Average 205

Masters Average 60 Games 207

Professional Bowlers Association

Eight Regional Titles

Ten Senior Regional Titles

Nine National and two Senior PBA top 5 finishes

Midwest PBA Regional Senior Bowler of the Year  2002 and 2003

Over $250,000 in lifetime PBA winnings  (thru 2003)

State & Regional Championships

  1. Singles
  1. Doubles

1980 Missouri Bowling Assoc. All Events

      1981 Missouri Bowling Assoc. Team

      1984 Charlotte, NC, BA Doubles

      1988 Georgia Bowling Assoc. All Events

Other Awards and Honors

      1964-65     Kansas City, MO Bowler of the Year

  1. All Star Team
  2. All Star Team      

1988-89 Atlanta, GA Bowler of the Year

      Season High Average 235

      800 Series 11 Sanctioned 13 Unsanctioned  PBA etc.

      300 Games 24 Sanctioned 28 Unsanctioned PBA 300’s


1975-1984 Co-Host Professional; Professional Bowling Camps, Sheboygan, WI. 

Faculty Advisor, Tom Kouros Institute of Professional Bowling Instruction.

2002-present Teaching Professional at Al-Mar Lanes, Bowling Green, OH

In a lifetime spent in bowling, it is my belief that this is the greatest game in the world.  I am very excited to see the recent interest in Sport Bowling, which I feel will help restore the integrity in competitive bowling.