Mickey Higham’s “On The Ball” Pro Shop Notes

The value of practice and how to make it work for you.

This week I talked to a bowler that said he had been practicing 6 to 10 games a week since the start of the season and was frustrated because his league scores were not improving. If you want to improve your bowling skills and score it starts with a plan.

Think of a baseball team, they work on the skills of the game when they practice, infield ,outfield, pitchers and catchers, double plays. Your practice should be similar.

My plan for practice starts with 10 to 15 minutes shooting the 7 and 10 pins this provides a warm up and reinforces accuracy. Then I move on to working on my latest skill deficiency  things like ball speed, to fast or to slow, finish position, am I balanced at the release, swing alignment to the target, and other problems I’ve encountered recently. I will also ask for input from other instructors as their trained eye is helpful. I make a list of the skill sets I have improved and what still needs a few more reps, this will be a starting point for the next practice. Practice by the hour not by the game. Your score is not important during practice.

If you can, schedule a lesson, a qualified instructor can identify your weak skills and simplify improvement.