City Tournament Champions Crowned


Sentinel-Tribune Bowling Writer

Nearly a dozen champions were crowned following the conclusion of bowling on Sunday in the annual city tournament at Al-Mar Lanes.

The doubles and singles events ended Sunday, and thus the all-events standings are also now final.

Winners in the women’s divisions were Kathy Kirkman and Sandy Naugle in doubles; Anita Dilsaver winning singles; and Carrie Derr earning the all-events crown.

All-events takes a bowler’s first score in the three events, team, doubles and singles for a nine-game total plus their handicap.

A three-way tie for first in the open division for singles featured Kris Kolk, Bob Kolva and Doug Trumbull; with brothers Ryan and Easton Spangenberg earning the doubles crown and another tie for all-events with Ryan Allgire and Mike Leese sitting atop the standings.

Ladies division

Naugle had games of 198, 246 and 213 for a 657 series; while Kirkman shot a 173 high in her 442 as they shot 1,099 actual to take the doubles crown at 1,435 with handicap.. Second place went to Dilsaver and Derr at 1,371. Dilsaver also placed third in doubles as she partnered with Taylor DeSmith at 1,365. Fourth place was Abby Lane and Robin Euler at 1,331 and completing the top five was Vickie Schumacher and Yogi Wammes with 1,327.

Dilsaver won the singles with a 743 handicap total. She had games of 242, 201 and 234 for a 677 series. Jennifer Anderson was second just six pins back at 737. The 144 average bowler had a high game of 211 for a 557 series. Third place was a tie with  Yogi Wammes and Christine Owen at 732. Wammes bowled games of 238, 212 and 206 for a 656 series; while Owen, a 155-average bowler shot a final game of 220 for  her 566 series. Naugle also tied for fifth place as she tied with Marcia Wolford at 691. Wolford’s 152 average was dwarfed by her consistent games of 173, 176 and 180 for a 529 series; while Naugle (154 average) had a 211 high game in her 535 series.

Pancha Melendrez bowled an excellent 669 series for 690 with handicap for seventh place. Her high games were 237 and 225. Completing the prize list were Betty Jackson, eighth at 679 and Melissa DeSmith in ninth at 676.

Derr’s all-events championship was achieved by her 572 in singles, 640 in doubles and 608 in last month’s team event for 1,820 actual and 2,117 with handicap. Wammes’s 656 in singles was added to her 592 in doubles and 626 in team for 1,874 actual and 2,072 with handicap to place second. Dilsaver was third in all-events with her championship 677 in singles, 596 in doubles and 582 in team for 1,856 and 2,053. Completing the cashers was Melissa DeSmith at 2,050.

Open division

Easton Spangenberg led the brothers with games of 255, 227 and 216 for a 698 series; while Ryan Spangenberg contributed 208, 204 and 257 for a 669. They totaled 1,367 actual and 1,472 with handicap to claim the doubles title. Second place was bowled by Dan Hines and Scott Slater at 1,451. Third place in the open doubles featured a tie to Richard Koontz and Roger Pierstorff at 1,431 tied with Tony Romaker and Hines. Bob Boltz and Ryan Allgire were fifth with 1,412 pins.

Heading the second five, in order, were Hines with his third appearance in the top 10, this time partnered with Elizabeth Slater for 1,396. The remainder of the top 10, in order were: Paul Overhulse and Marcos Zamudio, 1,393; Roy Naugle and Mike Baker, 1,389; Kyle Waynick and Kurt Wood, 1,380; and Bill Wammes and Doug Trumbull, 1,369.

The three singles champions each totaled 748 with handicap. Kolk’s total was actual as he opened with a 300 game, his first career 300. He followed with a 245 and a 203. He receives no handicap. Trumbull had a 712 series with games of 269, 208 and 235; while Kolva had games of 221, 279 and  182 for a 682 set. Brent Norris was only five pins behind the champions with his 743 total. Norris had games of 248 and 279 in his 722 series.  Completing the top five was Mondo Calderon at 739 with a 703 series with games of 223, 233 and 247. Only nine pins separated the top five, and only 23 pins separated first from 10th place.

Vicki Schumacher led the next five with her 735 handicap total. She had games of 225 and 220  in her 627 series. Others in the top 10 were Jake Wint, 734; Chris DeLuca, 727; Mike Leese, 725 and Brian Close, 722. The top 19 bowlers cashed in the event with 10th place totaling 696 with handicap.

Leese recorded three 700-plus series with 716 in singles, 748 in doubles and 723 in the team event for 2,187 actual bringing this co-championship total to 2,214. Allgire matched the total with 668 in singles, 761 in doubles and 650 in team for a 2,079 actual nine-game total.

Norris finished in third place in all-events at 2,175 using his 722 in singles, 673 in doubles and 717 in team for 2,112 pins actual. Jake Wint was fourth at 2,170 with 686, 682 and 658 for his three series totaling 2,026 Completing the top five was Brad Simon at 2,135. He had series of 701, 665 and 760  for 2,126 actual.

The other all-events cashers were Kyle Friedley, 2,128; Adam Dilsaver, 2,126; Trumbull, 2,119; Kolk, 2,071; DeLuca, 2,070; and Bill Schumacher, 2,069.