Bowling Already in Full Swing – The 11th Frame

By Bill Ryan

Following the old adage of “Better late than never” this first 11th Frame column of the 2018-19 bowling season is definitely better.

Most of the bowling leagues have begun for the season, however there are still openings available for people who wish to bowl. There are at least one or two leagues which have not started, so anyone who chooses to bowl can find a place, even if it is only on a substitute list. Nearly every league will welcome new subs as there are often teams looking for a bowler now and then to fill in.

If interested contact Al-Mar at 419-352-4637 and they will get your name on a list, if not onto a team.

Jumping right into the swing, are some highlights in the early going of the new season.

• After the first week in the Mixed Up Guys and Gals League Tuck_Ur-Johnson and 4 of a Kind both began with 7-0 sweeps and are tied for first in the league.

Josh Crawford recorded the high game and series with his 247 for a 646 set. Rob Johnson had a 236 game and 622 series; while Kyle Friedly shot 618 and Doug Trumbull, 615. Dennis StPeter had a 245 game. For the women Heidi Haney had the high set with 538, including a 202 game; while Lori Hutton had the high game of 216 for a 505 series. Cindy StPeter bowled a 207 for 513.

• In the other mixed league after the first week in the Jack & Jill league, We’re Broken and Vin Char are tied atop the standings with 7-0 records.

Steve Burton had the high series of 595, followed by Bob Morelan, 571 and Steven Hoodlebrink at 567. Morelan had the high game of 243, followed by Chris Elliott with a 221. Burton had a 215 game and Hoodlebrink a 213. For the women, Brandie Binion was high with her 208 and 496. Allison Gonyer bowled a 199 and 494.

• A new small doubles league has begun called Diagon Alley Cats. The Cagle duo (Robin and Kevin, are in first place at 5-2. He had the high individual total in the first week with his 191 and 454. Erin Hachtel was the high woman with her 365; while Gina O’Hare had the high woman’s game of 140.

• For youth bowlers, Sophie Kepling and Kaitlyn Roeser both picked up 13 individual points and lead the field. Matt Crites is in first place for the boys with 12.5 individual match points; followed by Nate Ziebold with 12.

Colin Fahy had a 490 series; while Avery Latta had the high game of 193. For the girls Roeser ha the high series of 378 and Kepling the high game of 141.

• After the first week in the younger youth league, Rally’s Junior All Stars both The Gutter Gang and Bowler Bears are tied for first with perfect 7-0 marks.

Conner Main had the high individual score with his 130 game for a 331 series. Easton Duncan was second with 125, 328. For the girls, Madisyn Duncan was high with her 94 for 261.

• After the first week in the Tuesday Coffee League, teams 3, 6, 7, 9 and 11 all started at 5-0. Marie Feehan had a 2-game total of 305 followed by Mickey Kolva at 293 and Rosie Koontz with her 286. Teresa Linholm had the high game of 176 with Feehan tossing a 159 game and Rachael London, 156.

•  With two weeks on the books in the Eagles League, ASD Remodeling Inc. and Frisch’s Big Boy , N. Main are both 12-2 and atop the East Division. Tin Man Heating and Cooling has the same record in the West. Cardiac Kids are in second out west at 9-5.

Bob Vanscoder last week bowled a 267 for 688 to be the top individual Jordan Franks had the high game of 279 Lucas Jenne shot a 672 and Rod Roth a 653 to be the top three for the week. Matt Hess had a 248 game.

During that league’s first night Gary Wachter had a 269 game and a 713 series to pace the league. Michael Brim had a 257 for 694; while Larry Damron Jr had the high game of 278.

• In the four-game Randy Miller Doubles League Grames-Grames are tied with Kolk-Wammes atop the standings at 28-12. Last week L>J> Porter had the high set of 784, followed by Todd Buehrer, 778 and Denise Miller, 762. Gene Van De Velde had the high game of 224, followed closely by Buehrer, 223 and Porter, 212.

The first week saw Van De Velde atop the individuals with his 268 for 945 totals followed by Nate Grames, 862 and Miller in the top three again at 236, 793.  That week also saw Cheyenne Kolczynski bowl a 245 game.

• In the American League Or’s Sunoco has the best record after two weeks at 12-2 and leads the East Division Modern Woodmen and Jug’s South are both at 9-5 tied for second. Over in the West Division, Gerdeman Insurance leads at 9-5 with three teams tied at 7-7.

Last week Adam Dilsaver led the league with his 247 game for a 705 series. Nate Henschen had the top game of 276 for his 675 series. Kyle Waynick shot 669 and Doug Trumbull, 245, 652. Brian Knapp had a 268 game and Brad Simon shot a 245 as well.

In the first week, individual scores were not provided.

• In the Elks League Dilly Dilly in the East and Palmer Excavating in the West both have a 40-14 record to lead their respective divisions.

Jordan Franks led the men last week with his 674 series including a 248 game. Tony Iler shot 669 and Bill Riffner had a 236 game in his 647 series. Gary Aring had the high game of 268. For the women Mallory Fritz had the high game of 219. The first week saw Brent Norris lead the league with his 254 for 634; while Heidi Baker had the high women’s game of 163.

• After the first and only week of the Ladies Major, (due to the Labor Day holiday) Jackson Five and Beckett’s are tied atop the Division 1 at 5-2; while El Zarape is 7-0 to lead Division 2.

Pancha Melendrez led the league with her 235 and 615. Cheyenne Kolczynski had a 201 for 556 and Betty Jackson, 529. Yogi Wammes had the only other 200 game, a 203 effort.