On The Ball Pro Shop Notes (10-6-2017)

This week a part of the game that is often overlooked but is crucial in how you perform, The fit of your ball. Many bowlers go years without having their grip checked, just assuming that sore thumb or wrist is just part of the game. The truth is that as humans we go through changes and that applies to your grip so improvements from time to time are logical.

There are four components to a good grip that allows you to roll the ball consistently.

  1. Hole size, all holes should be tight enough to allow you to hold on with minimum grip pressure yet lose enough to release cleanly.
  2. Span, a wide span creates pressure on the hand while to short causes you to grip to much.
  3. Pitch, this is the angle that the holes are drilled and is determined by a number of factors, including span, grip strength, and intended release of the ball, stroker, tweener, cranker.
  4. Injuries or other factors, arthritis, swollen or weak joints, very short or long fingers or thumb.

All of these factors have to be adjusted in relationship to each other. That is why it’s called ( The Art of Ball Drilling)

Bring your ball in and we’ll do a free fit check.