11th Frame – April 10th, 2018

11th Frame  04.10.18


Time to register youth for Kids Bowl Free

Mixed Up Guys and Gals crowns champions



Hey parents, do your kids need something to do for a bit of time each day during the summer? — Or better yet do you need a rest from your kids each day?

Registrations are now being taken for the annual Kids Bowl Free program at Al-Mar Lanes and various other local bowling centers. With this program each registered child is entitled to two free games of bowling each day during the summer. (Subject to availability)

All the parents have to do is register each student at KidsBowlFree.com and then get the young bowlers to the lanes.


Now through Sunday anyone can purchase a ball raffle ticket to win a new Storm or Roto Grip bowling ball of choice. Tickets are $1 each or six tickets for $5. The drawing will be held on Sunday during the Vic Sockrider Memorial Travel League when it visits Al-Mar. The winner will have their choice of any current ball by either company. You need not be present to win.


The annual adult child tournament will be held on Saturday at Al-Mar. Later this month, the tournaments for the season wrap up of league games will be held. See or call Al-Mar for details.


The season-long interleague tournament is drawing to a close, with only the last five of 121 players still vying for the top five positions. In Week 23 results, the 11th-15th places were awarded with each survivor to finish in that group to receive $10. In 15th place was Bonnie Carrington in the Elks League finishing 36 pins under average. Gene Van de Velde in the Randy Miller League was 24 pins under to claim 14th place. Also in that league, Jim Grames was 23 pins under average to take 13th place. Richard Koontz was 12 pins under in. the American League and placed 12th. And taking 11th place was Vicky Wohn who bowled her average in the Ladies Major League.

The following week saw the 6-10th place finishers named. In 10th place was Tonia Bair at 53 pins under average in the Ladies Major League. She was the first of five $15 winners. In ninth place was Shaun Crusa from the Randy Miller Doubles league with 32 pins under average. Jim Darby of the American League was 31 pins under to finish eighth. Cindy Knell and Vicky Chandler both bowled over average, but they were the two lowest over average that week to claim seventh and sixth places. Knell was 16 pins over and Chandler was 24 pins over. Both competed in the Ladies Major League.


The year Jacob Kent of Newark, New York, was born, his father, United States Bowling Congress and Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Doug Kent, won the first of his two USBC Masters titles.

Jacob grew up seeing that trophy, and many others, on a daily basis, and it motivated him to want one of his own someday. The younger Kent took the first round lead in this year’s Masters on Tuesday.

All competitors at the On center Convention Center this week will bowl 15 games of qualifying over three days to determine the match-play field. The top 63 players will join defending champion Jason Belmonte in the double-elimination bracket, where three-game total pinfall determines who advances.

Match play will take place Friday and Saturday and determine the five players for the championship stepladder, which will be televised live on ESPN on Sunday, beginning at 1 p.m.



  • The Stoudinger-Glick team won this year’s Mixed Up Guys and Gals league by 7 1/2 points over their nearest challenger. Team members were Tami, Jake and Scott Stoudinger long with Katy Glick.

Doug Trumbull had the highest series of the season with his 704, Josh Crawford had a 692. Roger Pierstorff had the season high game of 299. Josh Crawford had a 279. For the women Lori Hutton had the high series of 554 edging Abby Lane by one pin at 543; while Lane had the high game of 242. Josh Crawford, had the high average in the league at 212.29, just edging Doug Trumbull at 211,33. Lori Hutton was high for the women with her 162.42 average.

  • Two leagues have their final battle for divisional champions for the final season this week. In the American League, ASD I Remodeling will battle Al-Mar Pro Shop for the East championship; while Boys Nite Out and Al Smith Chrysler will battle for the West title. Those two winners will then bowl a Baker-format shootout to determine the league champions for the season.

Last week in the first round of the playoffs Paul Overhulse dominated the lanes with his 279 for 773; Ryan Spangenberg also bowled a 279 and finished at 709 Kyle Waynick narrowly misses his 700 totaling 699.

  • The other league battling for league championship is the Randy Miller Mixed Doubles where Henderson-VanDeVelde will face Kolk-Wammes to determine the league’s champion.

Last week’s high scores were rolled by Kyle Waynick with his 247 for an 893 4-game block; along with Kris Kolk, 245, 888. Denise Miller shot a 236 game for her 837 set to lead the ladies. Gene Van de Velde totaled 875.

  • As the Jack & Jill, the other mixed league winds down, A Split Happens has a 9-point lead over St. Peter-Franks and thus should win the league. Last week’s high scores were rolled by Rick Campbell, 654 and James Sammet, 634. including the league’s high game of 258, Campbell had a 237. For the women, Robin Starkey was high with her 183 for 532, followed by Jamie Smith with 182, 511.
  • The Ladies Major league is heading into the playoffs with Speck Sales, Marsh & Marsh and Jackson five bunched at the top of Division 1; while Luckey Junction, Groom Room and Easy Street Cafe are battling for the top of Division 2.

Anita Dilsaver led all bowlers last week with her 267 and 663; MaryAnn Dimick was not far back at 254, 654.  Yogi Wammes bowled a 635 set.

  • Last week in the after school for elementary students, Teams 2 and 3 are atop the Monday All Stars; while Teams 2 and 4 are tied atop the Tuesday Al Stars. All the teams in that league are very close as only six points separate all eight teams.

The high boy last week on Tuesday  was Aidan  with his 151 for 275; while Tristan White was the top girl with her 147, 267.

In the Monday league Conner Main was high with his 194, 348 for the boys and Paige Wulff led the girls with her 165, 293.

  • In the Eagles League, the teams are heading into the playoffs with Frisch’s Big Boy atop the East with 43 wins, followed by American Family Insurance at 42. In the West, Naugle is running away with 47 wins, but anything can happen in the playoffs.

Last week Michael Wachter had the high series with his 724; while three others broke 700, Gene Van de Velde had 714; Doug Trumbull had 701 and Ron Steinman hit 700 on the nose. Trumbull had the high game of 267; while Dennis Johsnon shot a 299 and Pancha Melendrez, 259.

  • The oldest continually running league in the city is the Elks League and they are also closing in on the playoffs with Juan More Time having a narrow lead over Wood County Insurance in the East and Rosenboom having a little better lead over Homes by Josh Doyle in the West.

Last week’s top bowler was one of the women as Sim Wiley had a 224 high game for 662; Mallory Fritz shot 221, 607; and Yogi Wammes had a 215 for her 605 set.  The high guys were Richard Koontz Jr. with a 256 in his 651 set; Brent Norris shot a 641, Jay Haas had the high game of 258 for a 629.