11th Frame 05.04.19

By Bill Ryan 

Henschen and Friedley top winners
in Bracket event

Nate Henschen and Kyle Friedley
were the top two winners in the annual Bracket year-end tournament at Al-Mar
Lanes last Wednesday. Henschen edged Friedley in the payouts despite Friedley
recording the best score.

The annual event put all the
bowlers into 20 brackets each randomly matching them against the nearly 40
bowlers who participated. Henschen earned $222 of the maximum $360 had he won
all 20 brackets. Friedley earned $204; while Kenny Crowe was close behind with
$198. Friedley recorded the high score of the day with his 931 four-game total
and 999 with his handicap. Crowe had an 863 series but was second with handicap
at 995. Others in the top 10 in earnings, in order were Brad Simon, $150;
Denise Miller, $126; Bonnie Carrington, Pancha Melendrez, Ken North and Jay
Samelak with $108 each; and Adm Dilsaver at $90. Thirty-three of the bowlers
earned at least one second place in a bracket.

While those bowlers shared in
more than $2,300, the biggest prize pot for the year-end tournaments will be
presented on Wednesday in the annual Bingo tournament with more than$2,400
being shared by the bowlers eligible to compete

Surviving the Game:

In the final week of the 25-week
Surviving the Game marathon inter-league program Phil Herman of the Eagles
League claimed first place and the $170 first-place prize money by bowling 82
pins over his average in the final week. The next three finishers all came from
the Ladies Major League and all three were over average that week. Second place
went to Juanita Huss by being 44 pins over average to earn $80; third went to
Pam Simon, 27 over for $30; while Pat Ruck was 13 pins over for fourth place
worth $20. In the next to last week, the last four to be eliminated before the
finals (places 5-8) each earned $15. They were Vic Parks, American, 30 pins
under; Todd Buehrer, Randy Miller League, 27 under; Darryl Ott, American, seven
pins under; and Jay Haas, Eagles, with 10 pins over average. In week 23, those
eliminated (places 9-12) earning $10 each were three more Ladies Major League
bolwers, Pam West, -31; Susan Harris, -30; and Lori Hennings, -12; along with
Jeff Ott of the American League at -27. The four bowlers getting their $5 entry
fee back by being eliminated in Week 22 (13-16th place) were Phil Herman in the
Eagles League, -53; Joe Kolczynski, -38; and Ernie Tebeau and Bill Schumacher
each at 12 under.

Poker tournament

Susan Harris was the top winner
in the poker year-end event winning two hands in the first set and one in the
second set for $135. Doug Trumbull won two hands in the first set for $90; and
Dave Dohanos won the final hand

in the first set for $45. Brian
Close won one hand and tied with Kurt Wood in another for $67.50. Ed Hoffman
and Kenny Crowe each won a hand for $45 each; while Wood’s share was $22.50. In
the three consolation hands for 11 bowlers, Jim Smith, John Gallagher and Adam

Dilsaver won one hand each worth
$21 per win. Both Harris and Trumbull qualified to participate in all 10
championship hands. The only other bowler to achieve that was Pat Ruck, but the
luck of the cards was not with

her as she did not win a hand.

Three Clean

Bowlers each league session can
enter the optional pot awarded to those who have three clean games (no open
frames) This year entrants did achieve that feat 19 times, which earned $38.30
for each achievement. Both Kirs Kolk and Kyle Waynick each earned that honor
four times.


Watch for the next column which
will feature the results of the Bingo and 9-Pot tournaments; along with summer
league details and an early preview of the Annual PBA 50 event in August.

League highlights through May 3

• Elks:

Wood County Insurance defeated
Sweddy Balls in the Baker-format finals 3-2. The champions narrowly won the
first game 244-242; before Sweddy Balls took the lead winning 285-235 and
283-264. The insurance team came back and won the final two games 249-215 and

• Ladies Major:

Monty’s earned the league
championship defeating Marsh and Marsh in the finals. Pancha Melendrez had the
league high average with a fine 202.3. Second was Cheyenne Kolczynski at 189.36
followed by Tricia Green and 188.87

• ASD I Remodeling Tour Trials (contested
on demanding pro-style conditions) BGSU III was crowned the League champions in
the end of year- playoffs. Al-Mar Pro Shop finished second. In the playoffs
BGSU III won 10-5 with games of 682, 676 and 661 for a 2,019 total to the pro
shop bowlers, 644, 677 and 587 for a 1,908 total/

Steven Kocher was the top
individual with 33 match points; followed by Mickey Higham with 30 and Bill
Schumacher, with 28. Kocher was the high average bowler at 222.38; while Kyle
Waynick was the only other bowler to break a 200 average at 203.24. Jon Myers,
199.43 and Mickey Higham, 198.11 were not far off the 200 pace.

• Eagles:

Starkey won the league by a 3-1
margin in the Baker-format finals over Main & Sons Plumbing and Heating.
After losing the first game 293-220, Starkey came back and swept the next three
222-195, 220-218 and 265-208.

Winning team members were Muncy
Musgrave, Crystal Butler, Robin Starkey Rick Campbell and Kirk Starkey.

Brian Close had the league high
average at 225.9; followed by Kirk Starkey at 221,89; Michael Wachter at
220.56; Kris Kolk at 218.34; and Gary Wachter at 216.88.

• Randy Miller (four games)

Kolk-Wammes Defeated
Grames-Grames for the league championship title. Winning team members were Kris
Kolk, Yogi Wammes and Marcia Wolford. They won the final match 12.5-7.5. Kolk
had the high average for the league at 215.61, followed by Shaun Crusa at
210.66; Gene Van de Velde, 205.55; Joe Kolczynski, 202.46; and Todd Buehrer,


ASD I Remodeling defeated
Dunipace Guilders, 3-1 in the Baker-format team shootout for the league title.
ASD I narrowly won the first game 220-217; Dunipace tied it with a 259-226 win;
and then ASD won the final two 252-213 and narrowly winning the final game

League champions are Adam
Dilsaver, Chuck Close, Doug Trumbull, Kyle Friedley and Brad Simon. Kyle
Waynick had the league high average at 218.74, followed closely by Mickey
Higham at 218.16, Kurt Wood was at 216. 47, Brad Simon at 216.91 and Ryan
Spangenberg, 215.31

• Bobcat 2 a Days:

Boys: Colin Fahy, 246, 668; Avery
Latta, 232, 609; Clayton Genson, 293548; Girls: Ali Fahy, 174, 471; Zenaida
Bautista, 160, 430; Jocelyn Zellers, 370; Sophie Kepling, 153. Standings Teams
5 and 9, each, 19-6.

• Rally’s Junior All Stars:

Boys: Easton Duncan, 136, 389;
Conner Main, 148, 353; Mason Melendrez, 335; Benito Baldonado, 129; Girls:
Kyleigh Leu, 140, 383; Madisyn Duncan, 208, 294; Adylynn Babcock, 106, 248.

•Monday All Stars (two games):

Adrian Blanchard, 143, 260; Seth
King, 152, 259; Logan Reilly 236; Jonathan Snyder, 138; Girls; Ciu Won, 177,
328; Maggie Landry, 151, 283; Addison Brokaw, 138, 270.

Previous scores: Conner Main,193,
344; Jerrad Main, 152, 269; Blair Baldonado, 256; Logan Reilly, 149; Girls
Maggie Landry, 152, 283; Paige Wulff, 158, 275; Emily Velkova, 242; Brantley
Yoder, 134.

Standings: Team 12, 89-41; Team
3, 70-60.

• Tuesday All Stars: (two games)

Boys: Benito Baldonado, 147, 271;
Owen Bowley, 266; Dom Daniels, 261; Elliott Dugan, 148; Aidan Rohleder, 141;
Girls: Allyson Maiani, 300, 172; Isabella Ewuzie, 158, 271; Tristan White, 135,

Previous scores; Will Samlow 191,
316; Dom Daniels, 17, 296; Issac Wolf, 171, 277; Noah Gross, 171, 314; Desmond
Maiani, 157, 296; Dallas Taylor, 281; Thomas Binion, 156; Johnathan Wood, 152,
296; Desmond Maiani, 161, 293; Adm Proulx, 281; Allison Maiani, 159.

Girls: Tristan White, 149, 294;
Kylee Ruehl, 255; Kaitlyn Peck, 248; Emily Lantz, 142; Ryland Power, 138;
Madisyn Hickman, 147, 271; Emily Lantz, 134, 253; Allyson Maiani, 241; Madison
Ward, 134; Shyloh Adams, 159, 282; Emily Lantz, 137, 261; Tristan White, 259;
Madison ward, 143.

Standings: Team 10, 51-19; Team
6, 49-21; Teams 2 and 4, both 48-22

Leagues are beginning to wrap up for the season; Kurt Wood records 300 game.

Surviving the Game: 

The latest results showed those eliminated in the Surviving the Game event in Week 20 (accidentally missed last report) Those eliminated werBrian Close, Eagles League -68 pins; and three members of the Ladies Major League, each at 30 pins under and they were Mary Crumley, Joyce Calderon and Vera Stormer. 

Those eliminated in Week 22 were Betty Jackson, Ladies Major at 53 pins under average and three members of the Eagles League, Joe Kolczynski, -38; and Ernie Tebeau and Bill Schumacher, both at 12 under. 

League highlights through April 7 

The short-season Farm League ws the first to wtrap up. This week the short-season Fantasy Doubles, also wrapped up with Schumacher-Schumacher winning the second half to face off against Dilsaver-Friedly for the overall title. 

• The American League is the first full season league to finish up. In the first round of the playoffs, Dunipace Builoders defeated Gerdeman Insurance and Theyer Chevrolet topped Al Smith Chrysler to face off in one division; while ASDI Remodeling I defeated Sundae Station and Al-Mar Pro Shop won over BG’s Handy Man in the other division. 

High scores the last two weeks: Kurt Wood, 300, 745; Brian
Knapp, 288, 779; Chris Peace, 734; Gary Luken, 275; and in Week 31: Jay
Samelak, 717; Ron Steinman 288, 714; Brad Simon. 704; Ernie Tebeau. 289; Kurt
Wood, 270.


Brim, 298; Ken North, 268, 709; Bill Riffner, 695; Bill Schmacher,687; Chris
Peace and Gary Wachter, both with a 258.

highs, Rodney Ridgway, 725; Bill Riffner, 714; Mike Metzker, 710; Denver
Naugle, 279; Gary Wachter. 270 and Michael Wachter, 275.

In the
first round of the playoffs Starkey will play ASD Remodeling and Rosenboom will
face Ryan’s Steak house in one division; while TMS Transport will face Tin Man
Heating and cooling and Easy Street will face Main & Sons Plumbing and
Heating in the other division.

• Randy
Miller (four games)

Waynick, 269. 1017; Jordan Franks, 968; Bill Wammes, 287, 891; Nate Grames,

high scores: Cheyenne Kolczynski, 237, 895; Denise Miller, 236. 869; Shaun
Crusa, 241, 851

Grames-Grames will face Kolk-Wammes for first and second: while Kolczysnki will
face Crusa-Miller for third and fourth. Both matches were close as
Grames-Grames edged CrusaMiller 13-7; while Kolk-Wammes edged Kolczynski

Remodeling Tour Trials (bowled on difficult demanding conditions)

start next session with BGSU III vs. BGSU 2 and Al-Mar Pro Shop vs. ASDI
Remodeling in the top four places.

through eight will also face off and 9-12 facing in bottom third of the league.

sessions high scores: Derek May, 278, 670; Joe Myers, 248, 656; Steven Kocher,
633; Tony Smith, 268,

Bobcat 2 a Days Year End Tournament has begun.

Kepling Latta, won the first-round bye; Zellers, G. Genson and Lorenzen won
their first match as did Bautista, A Bowen and A. Fahy; along with Lilly,
Zeibold and L. Alfaro.

highs Colin Fahy, 244, 638; Avery Latta, 211, 576; Jerrad Main, 522; Clayton
Genson, 203; Girls: Ali Fahy, 199, 515; Jacelyn Zellers, 172, 471; Linda
Alfaro, 158, 443.

following are still competing in regular season)

• Elks:

Leek, 270, 752; Gary Wachter, 266, 699 Lucas Jenne, 654; John Emmerich, 243;
Women, Mallory Fritz, 230, 590; Violet Courtney, 178, 493; Celia
Johnson-Aldrich, 454; Jan Cavanaugh, 177.

highs: Chris Conner, 244, 669; Chris Wood, 649; John Emmerich, 630; Bill
Schumacher, 249; Neil Genson, 242; Women, Yogi Wammes. 221. 524; Mallory Fritz,
486; Dawn Poirier, 202, 483; Starlah Burks, 186.

leaders: Wood County Insurance, 129-87; and Franks Sales, 129-90.

Ladies Major:

Melendrez, 253, 708; Maryann Dimick, 570; Tricia Green, 233, 569; Bonnie
Carrington, 214.

Leaders, Al-Mar Lanes, 40-16 and El Zarape, at 32-24.

• Jack
and Jill:

Burton,252, 668; Kirk Starkey, 247, 647; Dennis St. Peter, 617; Nate Grames,
269; Women: Robin Starkey, 210, 579; Allison Gonyer, 224, 563; Cindy StPeter,
205, 476; 

A Split Happens,83-29 Darby-Grames, 69-43; St. Peter, 65.5-46.5.

• Mixed
Up Guys and Gals:

Chalfin, 245, 670; Roger Pierstorff, 235, 669; Jeff Sayre, 234, 631; Women:
Lori Hutton -46.

Diagon Alley Cats

Brackenbury, 167, 393; Mike Hachtel, 151, 377; Women, Robin Cagle,152, 394;
Gina O’Hare, 151-48, 401; Robin Cagle, 161, 394.

Cagle, 71-41; Brackenbury, 56-56;

Tuesday Coffee: (two games)

Tebeau, 199, 325; Marie Feehan, 322; Cathy Lowry, 318; Susan Enright, 176;
Eileen Smith, 172.

Team 7, 95-45; Team 10, 85-55.

Rally’s Junior All Stars:

Dakota Blasius, 134, 344; Seth King, 121, 311; AJ Bucher, 303; Conner Main,
126; Girls, Adylynn Babock,111, 304; Madisyn Duncan, 115, 300; Izzy Grames, 85,
348; Kaitlynne Repasz, 85.

highs, Mason Wi; Madisyn Duncan, 108, 279; Izzy Grames, 106, 256; Adylynn
Babcock, 110, 244

Three’s Company, 24-11; The Gutter Gang and Strike Kings, both 22-13.

All Stars (two games):

King, 211, 349; Grayson Smith, 180, 243; Makenzie  Keaton, 224; Wyatt
Concannon, 163.

Team 12, 85-35; Team 3, 65-55.

Tuesday All Stars: (two games)

Fralick, 161, 213; Isaac Proulx, 150, 277; Nate Hubbell, 262; Allison Maiani,
140; Girls Tristan White, 165, 283; Lexi Hofmann, 136, 260; Isabella Ewuzie,
140, 251

highs: Timothy Smothers, 287; Dallas Taylor, 280; Hyeon Sook Kim, 266; Will
Samlow, 170; Benito Baldonado, 157Robby Samlow, 157; Girls: Shylow Adams, 176,
308; Isabella Ewuzie, 148, 266; Ryland Power, 248; Kaitlyn Peck, 136.

Teams 4 and 10, both 34-11.