Bowling Leagues Are A Great Time At Al-Mar

At Al-Mar we have many different bowling leagues including traditional bowling leagues, different scoring methods like 9 Pin Tap (9 or more on your 1st Ball counts as a strike), different premiums (some leagues have cash prizes, some have bowling balls and other have fun licensed merchandise like Nascar, Nickelodeon etc..).

Bowling Appetizers

BOWL ’EM - HOLD ’EM - Play Texas Hold ’Em Tournament while you bowl plus chance to qualify for year end tournament (must have played in at least 10 Texas Hold ’Em Tournaments. $3.00 to play.

Win cash (paid back on the spot). Select up to one, two, or all three games. Play anywhere from $ .25 to $5.00 per game.

Old favorite - chance to win weekly. Play ten times and qualify for end of year Bingo Tournament. $2.00 to play. Over $2600. 00 paid out every year at end of year tournament.

Can enter multiple handicap brackets. Play at least ten brackets and qualify for end of year Bracket Tournament. $3.00 per bracket.

Open the chest and win the ever growing prize. Cost is $1.00 to register and only a quarter a game. Must re-register every time Chest is opened.

Come closest to the mystery score and win. $1.00 to play.

Pick bowlers who you believe will have highest two series (in correct order) and win jackpot. $1. 00 to play (must play every week).

$1.00 each week. After the first game a mystery score will be drawn and an exact match wins (ties split) – if no winner, money carries over. Each league will have its own prize fund.

Bowl three clean games and win all or a share of total money taken in for the year. Cost is $1.00 to play. All players who achieve the 3 clean will split the prize money equally (you can win multiple shares for each time you have a clean series). Last Year bowlers @ $39.55 each.

All averages have a great chance to win this. $5.00 entry fee. Each week the person(s) scoring the most below their three game average are eliminated. Continues all season until only one bowler remains. Last year’s winner received $250.

Giant 64 man bracket - Starts last week of January. $5.00 entry fee. Pays 16 spots. First prize $120.

MATCH “3”-
$1.00 each week. Using the Ohio Lottery Monday Midday Pick 3 Drawing, match or box (any combination of your three game series numbers) and win. Ex: Midday Pick 3 618 (combos 816, 861, 681, 168, 186)

“9” POT-
$1.00 each week. Open to all league bowlers, whoever leaves the most single pins for the week will win 75% of the pot, 25% will then go into the year end tournament. After league play, you will turn in your single pins and will be verified by Jackpot Manager.

Bowling Main Course

Wednesday - American - 6:15pm

Five person teams
Handicap 80% times difference from 230
Seven points per night

For the competitive person as well as the night out, have fun bowler. The season is split in three 10 week rounds with the final two weeks of the season being playoffs. The league is split in two divisions (based on entering team averages) to keep the competition close. $1.00 of the weekly league fees goes toward paying the last two weeks of bowling so each bowler only pays fees for 30 weeks. USBC fees are included in the weekly league fee. The end of season banquet/fun night includes drawings for bowling balls and other prizes of value (every bowler wins something) plus a steak dinner.

Meeting Date Wednesday August 14, 2019 at 6PM
Start Date: August 28, 2019

This league needs 2 regular bowlers.

Thursday - Eagles - 9:20pm

Five person teams
Handicap 80% times difference from 230
Seven points per night

Another great option if you are looking to bowl in a five person team league.  USBC fees are included in the weekly league fee.  The end of season banquet (steak dinner) also includes an optional 9 pin no tap tournament. 

Meeting Date Wednesday August 14, 2019 at 6PM
Start Date: August 29, 2019

Form your own bowling league!

Company League, Neighborhood Leagues or Just a Group of Friends

Lots of groups are now forming their own bowling league-why not you? In the past we have provided many different league opportunities to you-but we forgot to ask what you wanted, shame on us! Here’s your chance to do it your way.

You form a league of your own with friends, family, co workers or members of an organization that you’re a member of. You decide the time of day, day of week, number of sessions that you want to bowl. Then tell us how often you want to bowl weekly, bi-weekly or once a month. We’ll just provide the lanes for you.

Finally you will have a league you can enjoy with all the benefits you want including a great social activity and a FUN time with friends. Because this is your league you tell us the rules and how much time you want to spend with us.

Leagues can be formed with as few as 8 bowlers (4 Teams of 2). An extra benefit of bowling in a league with only a couple bowlers on each team sessions can be limited to 90 minutes or less too – no longer do you need to mark the entire night/day off your schedule.