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PBA 50 Progressive Insurance/Gerdeman Insurance Agency-Gary Luken, Agent/

Al Smith Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram Central/Midwest Classic


2013 Tournament Champion

Jack Jurek, Lackawanna, N.Y.


Congratulation to Gary Luken the Pro Am Winner

Tuesday July 30, 2013, Make A Wish Pro Am.

Wednesday July 31, 2013 Qualifying Rounds

Thursday August 1, 2013 Finals in elimination format.

We are looking to host our largest and strongest field yet. Contact Yogi or Bill to become a part of this event as a sponsor.

2012 Champion Kevin Foley, Reno, NV


Final Standings
Pos Name – Hometown                                          Pins Prize       

  1 Baker, Tom – King, N.C.             6833/32 $3500.00     

  2 Williams Jr., Walter Ray – Ocala, Fla.              6239/29 $2000.00     
  3 Patchen, Dave – Oregon, Ohio                         6199/29 $1600.00     
  4 Harvey, Robert – Boise, Idaho                          6105/29 $1250.00     
  5 Jakubowski, Steve (g) – Temperance, Mich.  6039/29 $1000.00   

Championship Match – Baker defeated Walter Ray Williams Jr. 234-197
Semi Final Match – Baker defeated Dave Patchen 211-198
Match #2 – Baker defeated Robert Harvey 246-182
Match #1 – Tom Baker defeated Steve Jakubowski 222-200.

  6 Mazzanti Jr., Vince – Levittown, Pa.         5833/28 $800.00      
  7 Ventura, Sammy – Syracuse, N.Y.            5759/28 $775.00      
  8 Wagner, Kent – Bradenton, Fla.                5767/28 $750.00      
  9 Gonzalez, Henry (ss) – Colorado Springs5781/28 $403.95     
10 Chrzanowski, Michael – Shepherd, Mich.5758/28 $403.95     
11 Gurney, Barry (ss) – West Hills, Calif.       5729/28 $675.00      
12 Easterday, Steve – Strasburg, Ohio         5753/28 $650.00      
13 Sullins, Harry – Chesterfield Twp.,  Mich. 3262/16 $475.00      
14 Psaropoulos, Dennis – Lake Worth, Fla. 3250/16 $450.00      
15 Henry, Michael (ss) – Brunswick, Ohio     3238/16 $250.00 SS   

2010 PBA Senior Champion
Mike Henry

Runner Up;  Ron Proffit 

2009 Champion
PBA HOF, Steve Cook, California


2009 PBA Championship Final Standings
Click here to view final standings

Bill Ryan's story from the Sentinel Tribune
Click here to view Bill's Story

Brian Voss first Senior PBA Check at Al-Mar
2009 Make a Wish of NW Ohio Adult Pro Am Standings
Click here to view Adult Pro Am Standings

PBA Senior Norb Wetzel with some of our most promising new bowlers
2009 Make a Wish of NW Ohio
   Junior Pro Am Standings
Click here to view Bantam Pro Standings
Click here to view Jrs and Majors Standings

Not possible without our sponsors 
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Help us make this event possible by being a sponsor.
Several options are available.
Call Pancha or Yogi

Bowling Green USBC and Al-Mar Lanes Presents the Annual  City Champioship

HR Brim Squad of Champions
Sunday TBA

$1,000.00 added prize money based on entries

Tournament runs from TBA

From the BG Sentinel  2011 Results
Kolk wins the open division with a 3,515 handicap total.
Joyce's Team wins the women's division with its 3,295 total.
Steve Burton led the Kolk team with games of 235 and 278 in his 737 series. Rich Kolk added games of 258 and 288 in his 684 series; while Kris Kolk contributed a 279 final game for 674. Joe Kominek bowled 257 and 238 for 666 for the champions. Richie Serrato completed the scoring with 226 and 574.

Pancha Melendrez led Joyce's Team with 649,  opening with a 225 game, followed by a pair of 212s. Kathy Coombs added 246 and 635. Mena Calderon added a 194 high game in her 548 series. Tracy Close, 194, 518, and Joyce Calderon with 159,432, completed the team scoring.

Second place in the open division went to Mason's BG Car Care at 3,501; followed by Wolford at 3,386; Tin Man, 3,367; and Changing Times at 3,352, to complete the top five.
Kolasinki was sixth at 3,358; with the remainder of the top 10 in order: Mills Jewelry, 3,343; Chico's Boys, 3,330; Cygnet Pizza and Subs, 3,329; and CJ's Sports Bar, 3,327.

The remainder of the top five in the women's division were Modern Woodmen, 3,257; Bostdorff Greenhouse, 3,204; RMT Ohio, 3,174; and H&R Block, 3,140.
The event was held at Al-Mar Lanes, where doubles and singles action will be held Dec. 12-19. Contact the center for squad times and to make reservations at (419) 352-4637.


Click Below to View Standings
Open Team
Ladies Team
Open Doubles
Ladies Doubles
Open Singles
Ladies Singles

Click here to view entry form
Due to a computer operator glitch 
All Events is unavailable.

Tournament Rules

1.        All ABC/WIBC rules not specified here will be in effect.

2. Entry into this tournament is open to Bowling Green Women’s Bowling Association members only.

3.        If any person enters the Bowling Green City Tournament who is not eligible as to ABC and/or WIBC sanction, he/she shall forfeit any claims to refund or prize money and all members of his/her team shall forfeit like claims.

4.       AVERAGES: All bowlers will use their highest final average as of the end of the previous winter season, provided they have bowled 21 games or more, whether bowled as a league member or substitute. Association Book average will be accepted. If no winter season average, an entrant shall use highest final average as of end of any previous season, provided 21 or more games were bowled. If no qualifying average as above, bowler must use highest current sanctioned league average of at least 12 games at time of bowling. An entrant who has no average meeting the tournament requirements must enter the tournament with a scratch average of 200. An entrant who has only a sport league average meeting the tournament requirements must enter the tournament with an average converted using the ABC conversion chart in the ABC rule book (rules above apply first). 10 Pin Rule: If a bowler has a current average for 21 or more games that is 10 or more pins higher than the book average the current average will be used for purpose of calculating handicap.

5.      All Events is optional and the entry fee for this event is $2.00 per person entered in the tournament prior to the entry deadline. Only handicap scores from a bowlers 1st entry will count for prizes in the All Events. There is a $2.00 entry fee for All Events Handicap, which must be p[aid before bowling the first event. All events prize money will be returned 100%. The handicap all events winner will be declared the BGWBA Queen of Bowlers for 2004-2005 and receive free practice for the entire season at Al-Mar and Varsity Lanes. The actual winner is eligible to participate in the Buckeye Belle Tournament.

6.        This tournament will be a handicap tournament based on 90% of 200.

7.        Multiple entries are permitted but may only cash once with the same team. For Team event, no more than 3 bowlers may remain the same. For Doubles event, a bowler may not bowl with the same partner more than once.

8.        The order in which the bowlers are listed on the entry application will be the official bowling order. Please list bowlers in the order they will be bowling. No changing of bowling order or changing of partners will be allowed at the time of bowling.

9.        When a substitute enters a match already in progress, the handicap will be based on the original bowler's average or the substitutes’ average, whichever is higher.

10.     Average Adjustments: All entrants are required to be familiar with ABC rule 319e re-rating requirements and comply with all requirements in each separate event. The tournament has the right to re-rate, reject, or reclassify any entry without penalty prior to the time of actual participation in each event. Entry fee will be refunded if entrant or entrants do not wish to participate after being notified of any re-rating. Only the bowler who is re-rated is eligible for a refund.

11.     A bowler arriving late will be allowed to bowl, but his/her score will start with the frame in which he/she is ready to bowl. Squads will not be delayed waiting for late bowlers.

12.     The tournament office will try to even up all squads. In the event of circumstances beyond control, some bowlers may bowl alone. Upon refusal to do so, no entry fee will be returned.

13.     All claims for error in scoring must be made immediately to a tournament official. No adjustment will be made after the next bowler bowls.

14.     Bowlers will verify their score as being correct at the completion of each game as it is transferred to the official score sheet.

15.     If an automatic pinsetter or scorer has a breakdown for more than 10 minutes, the tournament office reserves the right to move the bowlers to an alternate pair of lanes to avoid tournament delays.

16.     Absolutely no refunds after closing date. In case of absence or inability to bowl, you may have a substitute.

17.     The team captain’s signature on the application verifies all information to be true and that he/she is responsible for the distribution of all prize checks for bowlers on the entry. If the captain is not a member of the Team Event, a team member must be listed next to the captain's name.

18.     Postdated checks will not be accepted.

19.     The total entry fee must accompany the entry form. Entry fees should be paid by check or cash.    A $25.00 service charge will be make for any checks returned by the bank as unpaid.

20.     Entries close and must be post marked by the last day of each event.

21.     Any disputes or questions shall be settled by the tournament management.

22. Failure to comply with any tournament rules may lead to disqualification.

23. If there are first place ties; Co-Champions will be declared and duplicate awards will be given. Position prize money will be combined and divided equally between the teams.

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